Energy Healing Sessions With Master Level Practitioner Chris Austin, RMT

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ReEmerge Studio

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The energy healing sessions are a magical and seamless blend of modalities and techniques that have been finely tuned through experience.

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A Typical Session Includes The Following:

  • Reiki traditional hand positions for energetic healing, flow and light activation
  • Prana energy to cleanse the auric field
  • Violet ray invocation technique for transmutation of emotional discord
  • Chakra balancing crystal grid placed for purification and light/subtle body alignment and activation
  • Guided imagery for chakra clearing and tuning
  • Master’s touch modality for clearing any negative energy/entities and chord cutting
  • Quantum touch modality for better energetic flow
  • Kundalini galactivation for guiding one towards their life purpose
  • Organic therapeutic grade essential oils used as aromatherapy for grounding and opening the divine connection
  • Channeled spiritual wisdom/guidance as an ongoing ‘reading’ throughout the session
  • Soothing sounds of meditative music and water in the background

What To Expect From A Session

Every session is an entirely unique experience and there is no right or wrong experience to have. Its all about it being exactly what you need for your current place on your life’s journey. The session will help you to balance and release any energy that no longer serves you and is deeply relaxing and recharging.