What Is The History of Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki healing is considered by most involved in the field to be a gift to humanity in order that we may always be able to heal ourselves. Although this healing process has been with us since before antiquity it had been forgotten and lost over many years until it was finally brought back to life by the remarkable modern day father of reiki Dr. Mikao Usui who resurrected the aspects of this ancient form of healing in the early 1900’s. Today reiki is one of the most accepted and well known forms of natural energy healing due to the astounding number of testimonials delivered by its practitioners and clients. People seek the benefits of reiki for any number of reasons which include pain relief, emotional cleansing, mental clarity, spiritual endeavors, performance enhancement and just plain relaxation. Reiki practitioners operate under the tenet that all undesirable circumstances are rooted in the energetic body and manifest into the physical body. Reiki healing energy works at this level to release energetic discord. Reiki healing energy is completely harmless and non-invasive and is empowered by the receiver’s faith in its ability to heal. Besides receiving the benefits of a reiki treatment as a client one can also develop their own ability to heal with reiki. There are three levels to learn and receive ‘attunements’ for in order to become a reiki healer.