Reiki For Rescued Shelter Animals Donation-Based Service

shelter animal reiki rescued dog

Reiki Healing For Shelter Animals Donation-Based Service – Travel To You!

*Special Note – This is a community service being provided because of the need to help rescued pets. There is no set fee for this service. Donations will be used for travel expenses and to expand our program. This is a travel to you only service as we are not equipped to handle animals in the studio. All therapy sessions for the animals are performed by ReEmerge Studio owner/operator Chris Austin and are not to take the place of necessary Vet care 🙂

~ Pets are our family members and lifelong companions ~

Do You Have An Adopted Shelter Animal?

In most rescue animal cases we have no clear or certain idea of the abuse and neglect suffered by the animal, which can not only be physical but emotional and psychological as well.

  • Animals that have been abused, neglected or displaced are heartbroken and deserve great love and compassion.
  • Animals intuitively understand Reiki in some ways better than we humans, and a little therapy goes a long ways for their healing process.
  • Reiki healing energy helps them erase the pain of the past and move on with their new lives and forever homes!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us we have great love for rescue animals and the therapy really works wonders!

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